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SDSU WebPortal Faculty Information

An SDSU WebPortal account is automatically generated for all current faculty assigned to teach course sections for the current period (term and year). For more information about how to obtain your temporary password, contact either your department's administrative assistant or your college dean's office. For security purposes, it is essential that you not share your user name and password. All activity in the system will be logged for auditing purposes. In order for an account to be generated, the following steps must be completed:

  1. All Acadmic Transaction Form (ATF) paperwork must be approved and routed by deparment chair, college dean, Academic Affairs, and Academic Services.
  2. For new faculty, all data from the Academic Transaction Form (ATF) must be entered by Academic Services registering you as official university faculty.
  3. Department staff must officially assign faculty to a course section for the current period.
  4. Official faculty appointment data must be entered by Academic Services for current period. Once all data updates are completed, an SDSU WebPortal account is automatically generated. A temporary portal password is available from the faculty member's department coordinater. Once you have your temporary portal password, login with your RED ID and temporary password.

For additional assistance: