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Course HIST-797
Course Title RESEARCH
Section 01
Schedule # *****
Units 3.0
Seats 0/0
Full Title Research
Description Independent research in a specialized subject in history.
Prerequisite Advancement to candidacy and written approval of the History Department graduate adviser.
General Text NOTE: All graduate courses in the Department of History have a prerequisite of 12 units of upper division courses in history, or consent of the instructor.
Offered for credit/no credit only.
Canvas & Blackboard Learning Management Systems: SDSU is currently transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas as the primary campus learning management system. Students may have courses delivered via both systems, therefore it is recommended that students access both Canvas and Blackboard. Canvas can be accessed at using your SDSUid login. Blackboard will be available until the end of Spring 2021 and can be accessed at using your SDSUid login.
Students must contact the department for approval to enroll and to obtain schedule number for this section. Graduate students please note: to enroll in 799A or 799B, you must contact the Graduate Division Office located in SSE 1410; prior to enrolling you must have an approved "Appointment of Thesis/Project Committee" form on file with the Graduate Division. Contact your departmental graduate advisor for details and deadlines.