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Course SPAN-201
Section 01
Schedule # 23622
Units 4.0
Seats 10/27
Full Title Intermediate Spanish I
Description First course in Spanish at intermediate level. Grammatical structures presented in beginning Spanish. Culture-centered oral and written language emphasized. Not open to students with credit in Spanish 202, 281, 282, 301, or a higher-numbered Spanish course. See enrollment restrictions under AP credit in Spanish. May be taken concurrently with Spanish 211. It is recommended that heritage speakers of Spanish take Spanish 281 in place of Spanish 201 and 211.
Prerequisite Spanish 102 or completion of the third year of high school Spanish.
Course Hours Four lectures plus laboratory.
General Text Native speakers of Spanish will not receive credit for taking lower division courses in Spanish except with advance approval from the department. All lower division courses in Spanish are taught in Spanish unless otherwise stated. No credit will be given for lower division Spanish language courses taken after successfully completing any upper division Spanish course. No credit will be given for Spanish 101, 102, 201, 202, 301 taken out of sequence.
Students scoring 3, 4, 5 on the Spanish language advanced placement examination will not get credit for this course.
Plus one additional hour to be arranged.
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