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Course RWS-790
Course Title M.A. EXAM PREP
Section 01
Schedule # 23462
Units 3.0
Seats 12/15
Full Title M.A. Examination Preparation
Description Survey of selected essays, articles, and texts in rhetoric, composition studies, and professional and technical writing included in the M.A. examination. Emphasis on rhetorical analysis of texts and contexts (historical, social, professional, and technical). Strongly recommended for students taking the M.A. examination.
Prerequisite Twenty-four units of graduate coursework that counts toward the M.A. degree in rhetoric and writing studies. Student must be in final semester of study for master's degree.
Offered for credit/no credit only.
This section has a zero-cost course materials (ZCCM) designation and exclusively uses digital course materials that are free of charge and may have an optional low-cost print version or there are no course materials required. The ZCCM designation may change if a new faculty member is assigned or other course materials are added.
Students must contact the department for approval to enroll and to obtain schedule number for this section. Graduate students please note: to enroll in 799A or 799B, you must contact the Graduate Division (SSE 1410) and prior to enrolling you must have an approved "Appointment of Thesis/Project Committee" form on file with the Graduate Division. Contact your departmental graduate advisor for details and deadlines.