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Course PSY-350
Section 01
Schedule # 23017
Units 3.0
Seats 101/500
Full Title Abnormal Psychology
Description Causes and treatment of abnormal behavior with emphasis on major behavior disorders.
Prerequisite Psychology 101.
General Text NOTE: To declare the psychology major, students must report in person to the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office and provide the Undergraduate Adviser with evidence of having completed the requirements. Informal transcripts may be used by the Psychology Undergraduate Office to determine declaration of the major. Students should declare the major as soon as they have completed the necessary requirements and should complete no more than 12 units of upper division psychology courses prior to declaring the major. Admitted students transferring to SDSU should visit the Psychology Undergraduate Office for major advising.
First class meeting for this course will take place in your classroom on Tuesday, Aug 28. All subsequent Tuesday class meetings will occur in the same room, and all other teaching activities will be conducted online. Consult the course syllabus for specific details and instructions.
There will be mandatory exam dates that will occur from 9:30-10:45AM on three Thursdays during the semester. Specific dates will be announced later. Exams will be online and must be taken using computers with reliable connections to the internet.
Section offered using hybrid teaching format: Additional required online course material will complement the classroom meetings to complete the unit requirements for the course. Take the READINESS SURVEY to see if this course format is right for you.
Immediate Access Course: Some or all of the required course materials for this class are provided in a digital format by the first day of classes and are free through the add/drop date. Your SDSU student account will then be charged a special reduced price for use of the materials for the remainder of the semester unless you opt-out of the content by 11:59 PM on the add/drop date. Please visit for more information.
Proof of prerequisite required.