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Course BIOL-496
Course Title ZOOLOGY
Section 01
Schedule # 20619
Units 3.0
Seats 1/70
Full Title Zoology
Description Biology and ecology of animals to include diversity, evolution, physiological mechanisms, morphological and behavioral adaptations to their environment, and relationships to the world's major ecosystems.
Prerequisite Biology 354.
General Text Writing Requirement: Completion of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement or the eligibility to enroll in an upper division writing course is a prerequisite for all upper division biology courses numbered 450 and above.
Distance Education course. All class meetings and activities take place online.
Immediate Access Course: Some or all of the required course materials for this class are provided in a digital format by the first day of classes and are free through the add/drop date. Your SDSU student account will then be charged a special reduced price for use of the materials for the remainder of the semester unless you opt-out of the content by 7:59 PM on the add/drop date. Please visit for more information.
Canvas & Blackboard Learning Management Systems: SDSU is currently transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas as the primary campus learning management system. Students may have courses delivered via both systems, therefore it is recommended that students access both Canvas and Blackboard. Canvas can be accessed at using your SDSUid login. Blackboard will be available until the end of Spring 2021 and can be accessed at using your SDSUid login.
Specific competency requirements must be met prior to enrolling in this class; see section information for details.